VIDEO: Trump Hater Attacks 91 year old on Video Then Gets Whooped by Pedestrians

For no good reason at all a hate filled teenager launched a brutal attack on a frail 91-year-old as he pushed a shopping trolley along the street  at around 6pm this past Friday.

 Disturbing CCTV footage appears to show the 19-year-old walking along, carrying a cane. Before he started kicking the pensioner’s shopping cart, according to The Mirror.

The Daily news MA reported that the unprovoked attack was caught on CCTV and shows the 19-year-old thug walking merrily along with a cane, before suddenly running over and kicking the old man’s cart.

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 While the suspects reasons have yet to be verified.  Daily News stated that the assailant had been said to have mumbled “f**k Trump” while spasmodically assaulting the elderly man right before being chased away by other pedestrians.

In the video the thug appears to hit the helpless man. Identified as Juan Llorens, in the head with his cane.

Within seconds passersby jumped to the pensioner’s rescue and chase the teenager away from Mr Llorens, who had been out buying food when he came under attack.

The video doesn’t reveal much as to any communication being exchanged between the suspect and the victim. And as of now there is no prior connection between the two other than both walking down the same street.

Mr Llorens, whom is currently recovering at home from the assault in Manhattan.  New York, said he forgives his attacker and was very thankful for everyone that came to his aid.

It could have been worse, but thanks to the American patriots that helped and defend the 91 year old man, the situation ended faster than it started.

Could this have been an attempt at the horrendous act known as “The Knock-out Game“? Right now it’s too soon to tell.

But luckily for this young hoodlum the 91 year old didn’t pull out a gun. And defend himself like in a similar case where the thug playing the knockout game got shot twice by the victim.

The 91-year-old needed stitches to his left ear after the attack.  Ad the 19-year-old thug has been arrested and faces assault. And criminal possession of a weapon charges, according to the NYPD.

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