Secret Service Alarmed After Bow Wow’s Hateful Tweet On Melania

Melania Trump has become the subject of mockery after rapper Lil’ Bow Wow went on Twitter and bashed the First Lady. What he posted was so disgraceful that every American got on their feet in rage.

Thinking he is a celebrity and he can do what he pleases, Bow Wow decided to perform a little hating parade with Melania Trump right in the center of it.

However, what he actually managed to do is to get on the SECRET SERVICE’s bad side!

 Read the infamous tweet below and check out the reaction:

This came as a result of Trump’s reaction when the Snoop Dogg’s offending video surfaced. As you know, Snoop simulated Trump’s murder in one of his recent videos, which caused for a massive rage among citizens of America.

One does not threaten the First family or anyone else for that matter! This is America and unlike Obama’s old ways, Trump is not allowing violence to spread among us.

It is about time that someone shut them up for good!

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