Police Called On 92-Yr-Old Making A Big Scene At Bank. They Take 1 Look At His ID, IMMEDIATELY Know Exactly What To Do.

On Friday, reports of a client causing an unsettling scene at the Bank of America in Montebello, California, conveyed cops rushing to the scene.

They found a 92-year-old man identified as Jesus Rangel who was disturbed on the grounds that he couldn’t pull back cash from his bank account.

Tellers clarified that the man’s California distinguishing proof card was expired, which implied that they couldn’t give him his cash. Officers chose to take Rangel to the DMV themselves to get his card reestablished.

Officer Robert Josett drove Rangel to the DMV and after that back to the bank, where he ensured Rangel was ready to get his well earned cash.

As indicated by the office’s Facebook post on the issue, Rangel expressed big gratitude toward the officer and proceeded with his day.

Reaction to the Facebook post has been quite astonishing. Liked more than 200,000 times and shared right around 40,000 times.

One commenter, Maria E. Luna, wrote: “We often hear only bad news of officers. We can’t judge everyone the same. Officer Robert Josett, thank you so much for helping this elderly man,”

“(I)t could have been my father, or grandfather. God Bless you … and thank you for your service,” she added.

Others wondered about the bank’s policy and whether it was so neccesary so deny this old man his money.

A previous employee who worker at the same bank, Raymond Cervantez, said, “Shame on Bank of America! As a former employee of BofA for 16 years and a former branch manager for the bank in the Los Angeles area, there are various ways to identify a client besides having a government -ssued ID.”

Earlier today, officers responded to the Bank of America in Montebello regarding a patron who was causing a disturbance. Upon officer’s arrival, they discovered that a 92 year old man was trying to withdraw money from his account, however his California identification card was expired. Per the banks policy, because his identification card was expired, they were unable to fulfill his request. The gentleman was upset and the police were called.

Once officers arrived, Officer Robert Josett decided to take the man to the DMV in town to help him renew his identification card. With the assistance of the DMV, his identification card was renewed and he was taken back to the bank at which time he was able to withdraw money from his account. He thanked Officer Josett and went on his way.

Cervantez added, “Kudos to the police officer that went above and beyond for this 92-year-old man; but BofA should have gone the extra mile for their client.”

Another comment’s allude that the bank teller is racist.

The Montebello Police Department responded, “We don’t think it’s racist at all. It’s simply their policy. You can’t fault them for enforcing their policy.”

source: WesternJournalism