Hypocrite Rapper Asked If It Would Of Been Cool To Make A Mock Assassination Video Of Obama… His Answer Is Disgusting

Aparently, rapper Ice-T thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to have a music video depicting President Trump as a clown with a gun pointed to his head—but he argues he would have drawn the line if Obama was in Trump’s place.

 “Obama wasn’t the same kind of guy as Trump,” the rap-star-turned-actor told TMZ in reaction to Snoop Dogg’s new video, “Lavender.” But he notes that the same video made about Obama would have been “terrible.”

“It was very hard to make an Obama joke because of his race and because Obama was such a smooth character,” he said. “I think Trump brings a lot of these jokes on to himself. He’s just such a character and he acts like a clown.”

The rapper also acknowledged that Snoop Dogg “pushed the line” even though “everybody knows” pointing a gun at the president is illegal. He argued that the video is “artistic” and that Snoop’s message is that “right now everybody’s a clown.”

“I watched the video for the first, I was like, ‘I don’t know. You can’t point a gun at the president,’” he said. But apparently this ‘artistic expression’ wouldn’t fly if the video featured Obama.

Source: americannews.com