These Mass Murderers All Have 1 Thing in Common, And It’s Not What the Media Wants You to Think

October 4, 2017

editor’s Note: The story below was published after the tragic 2015 mass shooting in Charleston. We’re re-publishing it now because of how timely the topic is. As liberals attack gun rights, conservatives must remember the truth about what’s really behind most mass gun violence.  Virtually the entire country stood horrified yesterday as the extent of the depravity of the Charleston church shooter’s heinous crimes was revealed. While most Americans tried…


Liberal senators and pundits couldn’t wait to politicize Las Vegas shooting.

Following the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 400 others, liberal pundits and politicians on Twitter have been quick to politicize the tragedy. The Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD) identified the shooter as 64-year-old, Stephen Paddock, who was a white man living in nearby Mesquite. He allegedly used a fully automatic weapon to shoot from the 32nd floor of…

October 3, 2017

Police Called On 92-Yr-Old Making A Big Scene At Bank. They Take 1 Look At His ID, IMMEDIATELY Know Exactly What To Do.

October 2, 2017

On Friday, reports of a client causing an unsettling scene at the Bank of America in Montebello, California, conveyed cops rushing to the scene. They found a 92-year-old man identified as Jesus Rangel who was disturbed on the grounds that he couldn’t pull back cash from his bank account. Tellers clarified that the man’s California distinguishing proof card was expired, which implied that they couldn’t give him his cash. Officers chose to…


Gay Fox News Host Sends Direct Message To Trump, Regarding NFL Controversy

September 28, 2017

This Monday Shepherd Smith made stunning remarks including our President Donald Trump’s criticism of the NFL’s anthem protesting, claiming that the protesting has nothing to do with the anthem itself and arguing Trump has been using the issue to feed his voters. “It’s very clear that for his base, this is the red meat of all red meat,” Smith said. “Because they’re able to reframe this. They’re able to say,…


BREAKING: Trump Just Banned Pension For Barack Obama. Do You Support President Trump ?

July 27, 2017

Congress may seek to cut the pension of Barack Obama following his decision to accept a $400,000 fee for an upcoming speech to Wall Street executives. During his time in the White House, Mr Obama vetoed a bill that would have capped the retirement funds of former presidents should they accept large sums of outside income. Now that Mr Obama himself meets those criteria, Republican sponsors of the bill have said…


Mad Dog Mattis Abandons Obama’s ISIS Plans, Orders Top Generals To Start ‘Annihilating The Enemy’

June 25, 2017

General Mattis has just ordered America’s top military Generals to ditch Obama’s strategy for ISIS, tasking our military with actually killing members of the terrorist organization. In an interview with Breaking Defense, Gen. Joe Dunford noted that Mattis is abandoning the Obama strategy of simply “pushing” ISIS around. Ordering his commanders to “annihilate” the enemy. “Is the United States’ ‘annihilation’ battle plan in Iraq and Syria that you’ve spoken of…



June 23, 2017

The militant New Black Panther Party, with members who have been calling for a race war within the United States. With leaders who have posted a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman’s head. And with bosses who stood accused of voter intimidation against white people trying to vote in 2008, is segregation in the U.S. The investigation into voter intimidation was opened under the administration of George W. Bush. With reports…


MATT DAMON calls for CONFISCATION of guns in U.S.

June 22, 2017

Hollywood actor Matt Damon used a press conference in Australia over the Fourth of July weekend to discuss his desire for a massive confiscation of U.S. guns. “You guys did it here in one fell swoop [in 1996] and I wish that could happen in my country, but it’s such a personal issue for people that we cannot talk about it sensibly,” Mr. Damon said during a promotional engagement in…


Boston Marathon Bomber Tsarnaev Severely Injured In Prison, May Never Walk Or Talk Again

June 17, 2017

Infamous Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 22, was the victim of an “unfortunate accident” yesterday at Ft. Devens Detention Center in Massachusetts, just a few short months after his high-profile trial and sentencing, according to warden Paul Jacobson. Corrections officers reportedly found the terror suspect face down in a pool of his own blood in his cell; a banana peel was found on the floor nearby. “It initially appeared as…