George Clooney Launches Attack On Trump And Bannon,Twitter Users Immediately Destroyed Him

March 2, 2017

Of course, Clooney isn’t the only star who’s spoken out against the president-elect. Jesse Williams, John Legend, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lawrence have all openly worried about the fate of our nation. Clooney is completely disconnected from regular hardworking Americans and is oblivious to how devastating President Obama’s policies have been. Of course, that doesn’t stop from voicing his opinions about Donald Trump—and looking like He is completely disconnected from…


BREAKING: Melissa McCarthy FIRED From $8 Million Acting Gig Thanks To President Trump

February 22, 2017

Liberal actress Melissa McCarthy has lost a major contract with a 20th Century FOX. Affiliated company over her attacks on the president and his press secretary, Sean Spicer. McCarthy. Who dressed like Spicer for two separate Saturday Night Live appearances, went too far with her impression and impugned the dignity and honor of the Office of the President and his senior staff.  President Trump in return sent a letter to…


Kurt Russell Defends Donald Trump From Celebrities That Attacked Him At The Golden Globes

February 21, 2017

Kurt Russell gave a perfect answer to liberal celebrities that attack Donald Trump all the time! The three-time Oscar winner, who received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Globes, used her speech to decry Trump’s “instinct to humiliate.” Without naming him, Streep said she was horrified when Trump mimicked a disabled reporter during a campaign rally. Like any good Hollywood libtard, Meryl Streep used her moment on stage to trash…


VIDEO: Sally Field Sees Parallels Between GLASS MENAGERIE Character & Donald Trump

February 19, 2017

On last night’s LATE SHOW, Sally Field, who currently stars in Lincoln Center Theatre’s revival of The Glass Menagerie.Sstopped by and explained why she sees parallels between today’s protests and the sixties. Later, the Oscar winner explains how her character in the Tennessee Williams iconic play, Amanda Wingfield, shows similarities to Donald Trump. “Amanda is the great killer of differences. She wants everything to be the way she can contain…


Joy Villa’s music sales skyrocket after singer dons pro-Trump dress to Grammys

February 13, 2017

Joy Villa’s music sales skyrocketed after the singer wore a pro-Trump dress at Sunday night’s 59th annual Grammy Awards. When she arrived at the Grammys, Villa flung off a white frock to reveal a gown of patriotic red, white and blue that urged “Make America Great Again” and had “Trump” in sparkly letters on the back hem. The 25-year-old’s EP “I Make the Static” jumped to the top of Amazon’s top digital…