CAREER OVER: Kathy Griffin Is ANGRY That Nobody Wants Her. What’s Your Response?

Kathy Griffin recently decided to be “edgy” and “cool” by taking pictures of herself holding up a severed, bloody head that represented President Trump. NOW, Griffin is getting what she deserves!

 NO ONE wants Kathy anymore. All of her gigs are canceled, every single one, per the Daily Wire. Not only did Griffin lose her gigs, but she lost her ONLY sponsor, Squatty Potty, a little plastic stool that you use while you are in the restroom. WOW, looks like Kathy “be-headed” to the unemployment office!


We are SO happy to see Kathy getting what she deserves. You cannot recklessly go around showing pictures of yourself looking like a terrorist and NOT expect consequences. If you worked at a McDonald’s and they found pictures of you holding a fake, bloody head of the manager, do you know what would happen? YOU WOULD GET CANNED!

Now, Kathy is not going to be working with CNN on their annual New Year’s Eve gig. Honestly, it is shocking that CNN dropped Griffin. If you watch any content from this liberal propaganda machine, you will notice that they are doing EVERYTHING but begging for Trump’s head. I guess now we know the one line they won’t cross!

Kathy also had a little “comedy” tour set up where she was going to try to make people laugh — doubtful. At any rate, all eight of those gigs were canceled individually.

She is finished, that is all there is to it. It is funny to watch Kathy speak about it now. At first, she said it was ART and that she could do whatever she wanted.

After Griffin realized how much trouble she was in, she came out and apologized and shed some crocodile tears for everyone. Most people thought that was going to be the end of it, but nope.

Now, she is throwing a temper tantrum talking about how President Trump “BROKE HER.” Seriously? She threatened him, threatened little Barron before Trump was even elected, and she cannot fathom why she made a huge mistake? Quit being an idiot and you will keep your job, Kathy, it’s THAT simple.

Griffin thought she was funny by imitating an ISIS-style beheading. Can anyone tell us what is humorous about that? It is insulting to our President, families who have had people close to them MURDERED by ISIS, and our country. In a way, it was almost like an act of war. Kathy was trying to get people all fired up to take down Donald Trump.

Instead, her plan backfired, and now she can’t figure out why. Get a grip on reality, Kathy. You were already barreling down the path of being a washed-up and pathetic “comedian” who no one cares about anymore. Now, the process just got kicked up a notch.

 When you see Kathy working at McDonald’s, don’t forget to ask her if you can get some extra ketchup.