You’d all agree that former president Barack Obama didn’t finish his presidency in a glory way. Americans weren’t satisfied with the outcome of his leading, and it turns out that Obama never shared the same interests with his citizens. Latest incidents show that he even did something that doesn’t favor our country.

It’s impossible to say that Obama left something good behind him. Some of the people he got into the system seem to be termites that got deeper than anyone expected.

Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan were part of the “last minute hires.” Questionable hires, we must say. The Muslim brothers are involved in one of the worst scandals that shocked America recently.

The Awan brothers are investigated in terms of potential connection with the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s believed that the three of them used their positions to release information from the House of Representative. We don’t even dare to name the potential receiver.

They will also face charges of theft and overpricing of computer equipment. The Awan brothers and Imran’s wige made over $160,000 a year as IT technicians in the House.

Although Muslims received a lot of money for their services, they still deal with suspicious mortgage transfers, and bankruptcy. Abid is drowned in a million dollars debt after his business venture failed. It’s believed that Abid stole money and vehicles using his “business,” as Daily Caller reports.

It’s also hard to make a connection between Abid’s automobile business and his job in the Congress.

First of all89, here’s the question. How did Obama fail to notice the criminal activities of the Awan brothers? It’s impossible to have people of this caliber on top positions. Who will take the responsibility for the fragile information that may be “sold” to the enemy?

Although they are fired, we also still have no information of the threat these brothers have made.